YAGITA, HAMANO & MORITA International Patent Office


Our firm (formerly KUSABA & Co.) was established by Mr. Tsukumo KUSABA in 1901 since then the firm has so far experienced an uncountable number of IP matters as a patent attorneys' office having a long long history.

Our business field covers chemistry, machinery, medicaments, metallurgy, organic materials, inorganic materials, electric and electronic sciences, physics including applied physics, control, computer software, food, and domestic and international patent applications related thereto, as well as trademarks, utility models, designs, searches, litigation, expert's opinion, licensing, etc.

We are pleased to offer you any time our services for IP matters. We are prepared to explain understandably any IP matter even to clients who are intending to obtain IP protections for the first time.

It will be pleasure to us if you will kindly let us assist you in obtaining IP protections not only in Japan but also internationally.

Patent Attorney Takao HAMANO

Patent Attorney

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